This is my showreel as a director, editor and photography director.

Director / Kevin Millet
Production / None
Music / Movement

First of all, big thanks to MOVEMENT who authorized me to use their music as a fan for this project.
SWEET CHERRY is a video about what happen in the fruit picking in British Columbia, Canada.

Every year, people from all around the globe come for the harvest to make money but also discover and have new experiences.
From precarious conditions to unexpected meeting, I’ve filmed portraits of people of differents origins.
SWEET CHERRY doesn’t have any financement neither production so at my fees.

Thanks to everybody who accepted to be in front of the camera and people who contributed to this project. Thanks again to the pickers and farmers I met for the crazy experience.

Directors / Miroslav Dufresne & Kevin Millet
Music / LSNR
Production /

Director / Kevin Millet
Music / Massive Attack - I against I

Director / Kevin Millet & Maxime Dumontier
Montage & DOP / Kevin Millet
Musique / Sixto Rodriguez

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